Monoamniotic factoids

*Monoamniotic twins are always identical
*Monoamniotic twins are the result of a late splitting egg; one that split around 8-12 days after fertilization
*Monoamniotic twins only occur in 1% of twins
*Monoamniotic twins share a placenta and amniotic sac which means they have skin to skin contact
*Monoamniotic twins are considered extremely high risk because of the risk of cord compression leading to fetal death as a result of umbilical cord entanglement
*Monoamniotic twins are always delivered by C-Section
*Monoamniotic twins are usually delivered between 32-34 weeks gestation because the risks of staying in utero are greater than the risks associated with a premature birth
*75% of monoamniotic twins are girls
*inpatient monitoring at viability yeilds the greatest success rates


carrie & troy keiser said...

I have a friend who had mono twins a few weeks after my twins were born and she delivered hers vaginally!

GoteeMan said...

That is completely amazing! I had no idea that was even possible. Wow... thanks for sharing...


Sarah Jensen said...

This is amazing. I've never even heard of this. How informative. I feel a heart wrenching story in this!
Hope to read it one day Angie!

Becca said...

Thanks for the info. My sister in law has twins. A girl and a boy and I cannot tell you how many times people ask if they are identical. I just want to tell them here is your sign from Bill Engvall.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What's the source for this info: *75% of monoamniotic twins are girls

Anonymous said...

One fact bothered me, that these twins are always delivered by c-section, well ill have you know that I am a mother of mono mono twins and I delivered them vaginally. I had an excellent doctor and the babies were positioned right and born three minutes apart on 12-22-09 Otherwise, I really enjoyed these stories.