Chloe and Claire

Chloe & Claire

My story starts with 3 little girls at home & one surprise pregnancy. My girls were 4, 3, and 3 months when I found out I was pregnant. I was surprised and a bit overwhelmed to say the least. After another month and a half to adjust to the fact that I was pregnant, I went in for another check up and ultrasound – to find out that we were having twins. (Apparently getting pregnant while nursing & on the pill increases your chances of twins) I was in disbelief. We were living in the Dominican Republic at the time, The doctor told me there was no membrane, but he mentioned it as a fact with identical twin pregnancy. I was not worried in the least.
My husband and I decided to have the babies in the US for better care since there were more risks with twin pregnancy. So we came to my mom’s for the Christmas holidays, and I would find a doctor. I found a doctor who referred me to a periontologist, and it was at that visit on January 5, 2007 that we found out what it really meant that there was no membrane. I was 20 weeks along and blindsided. We had 4 weeks to get our lives in order before I would go in-patient. My husband returned to the Dom. Rep. and moved us back (every woman’s nightmare), and I tried to get us settled into my mother’s house. My brother & his family happened to be living at my mom’s as well, and so our family fit into one bedroom.
My husband came back on Tuesday, and I went into the hospital on Friday. My husband did an excellent job of becoming Mr. Mom, and the hospital was only 5 minutes away so I got to see my family every day. I feel like God used that time to strengthen all of my family in a way that has been an enormous blessing. Not one that I want to repeat, but a great blessing.
I went in-patient at 24 weeks, and delivered at 32 weeks 1 day. My oldest was only 4, and my youngest was 10 months. I knew I’d never sleep well again. lol I initially tried to push for a later due date, but my peri was pretty firm on sticking to about 32 weeks. Now that all is said and done, I am grateful for 2 healthy girls.
Chloe Ramona was 3lbs 11oz. and Claire Marcia was 3lbs 4oz, and they spent 25 days in the NICU. They both were on the CPAP for a bit the first day or so, and they both had some ups & downs in the NICU, but it is very hard for me to complain – they are both healthy, beautiful & I cannot imagine our family without them.
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